Simple Pleasures

Raising TCKs can be fun and adventurous.
Heck raising kids can be fun and adventurous.
With all the fun and adventure though, I get tired and a bit weary. I’m feeling that today.
The weather is NOT helping either.
So, what to do?

Enjoy some simple pleasures.

You know those very simple things in life that just bring a smile to your face? A specific candle scent. 5 minutes with a magazine or ezine. 5 minutes of uninterrupted time of quiet.

My simple pleasure?
Coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon. My trick is to put the cinnamon in with the coffee grounds. My body begins to relax just from smelling the coffee brew. And the taste? Well, a little taste of wonderful.

And today I’m having that with a piece of pumpkin pie. Pie that I didn’t even bake. It was from a friend who gave it to us. Just another simple pleasure.

What is your simple pleasure? How do you survive those dreary days? Comment below.