100th Blog Post and Giveaway!

Watched the show from our rooftop!

Bring out the Fireworks!

In China, and in many Asian countries, families celebrate the 100th day of the newborn baby. I kind of think of “Raising TCKs” as my baby. Although, it has definitely been over 100 days since I first posted on this site, this is the 100th post. Yes, I’ve finally gotten the 100th post published. For this grand feat, I’ve decided to celebrate with a giveaway. This giveaway idea came at the perfect time and is somewhat me. How so? Well, it is about TCKs, living overseas, and a book. Perfect, right? (for those of you who know me well, know this really is perfect)

Okay, so what is the big giveaway? It is a signed copy – yes you read that right, a SIGNED copy – of the book B at Home: Emma Moves Again by Valérie Besanceney. I can’t believe that Valérie is helping me celebrate in this way. Have you heard of this book? It was just published and released by Summertime Publishing a few months ago. I did a book review that you can read here. Check it out. If you are an expat with children or you work with children, this is a book you will want to have on your shelf.

Next week, I’ll be writing more posts regarding the theme behind B at Home: Emma Moves Again, including an interview with Valérie, who shares the background story. You won’t want to miss that post. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you might want to now so that you’ll receive the notice in your email regarding this interview. You can subscribe at the top on the right hand side.

Details of the giveaway: This giveaway is open for one week. It is open now and will end Friday, May 30th at noon Taipei time. A few options are available to earn points that will be “drawn” by Rafflecopter. All you need to do is click on the options below in the chart and go for it. Note that some of the options you can do daily. On Friday, I will announce the winner, who will need to contact me with an address. Valérie will then mail the signed copy.

Please pass the word around about this giveaway. Both Valérie and I would appreciate it!  ~Thanks

So, why are you still reading? Go and enter the contest!

**I’m noting that the “Chart” is not coming up, but if you click on the link for Rafflecopter, it will take you to the site to sign up there!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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