Happy New Year! and the Top 5 Countdown of 2013…

Watched the show from our rooftop!

The New Year is rapidly approaching here in the Far East. Usually at this time of year I’ve chosen My One Word for the upcoming year and preparing for the celebration that we have as a family each year (not that the kids have stayed awake with us). Well, this year has been different. We have been battling the flu this past week. So I do believe the New Year would have slipped by without us noticing, but Social Media wouldn’t let that happen to me.

No, Social Media has become everyone’s best friend. He? She? Whatever…It reminds of of birthdays, updates us on breaking news, and of course gossip. This year though, I got an email from my web-host, WordPress, reminding me that the New Year was here and to let me know what my Top 5 Posts of the 2013 were.

So, without boring you about the “sick apartment” and what I have scrounged up to feed the family tonight – and maybe some games/movies I’ve picked out…I’ll just end with the list and a HUGE Thank you for taking time to read these mere thoughts of mine and for even posting comments.

Drum Roll….

5. Meeting a Famous TCK – I had the chance to listen to author Linda Sue Park! (And apparently this was right before another attack of the flu in our apartment….hoping 2014 leaves us with less Flu attacks!)

4. Awareness Week for Cri-du-What? Syndrome – Cri-du-Chat Syndrome is what Jie Jie has and I wanted to help promote awareness to it and the organization that has helped me and others gain support and understanding.

3. An Expat Special Needs TCK Parent – Boy, was that a mouthful of a title…

2. Make Sure to Say Good-bye – This was a tribute and a reminder that you just don’t know when it will be the last time – so make those good-byes good ones.

1. Combating Loneliness in Expatland – I’m guess I definitely not the only one…

So there you have it, the Top 5 at Raising TCKs. So, now to get onto my One Word for 2014…

Happy New Year!

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