Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Tonight is probably my favorite Chinese holiday of the year. It isn’t Chinese New Year – which I think if I had been a TCK in Asia and got red envelopes with money inside every year, I’d probably move CNY to the number one spot.

It isn’t Lantern Festival, which is pretty cool with all the very ornate lanterns lit up.

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival –

I like it for several reasons.

1. It’s outside – I like watching the families gather outside to bbq on small¬†hibachis. They have short tables and stools that they squat around with the hibachi in the middle. Everyone is cooking and chatting.

2. Aroma – I like the smell of the charcoal burning and the meat cooking.

3. Food – I really like mooncakes. I like the red-bean paste ones the best, but the rest of the family prefer the pineapple ones. Some of you may think, “Red-bean? What?” Just trust me, it is sweet and yummy.

This past week, I had the opportunity at school to make mooncakes. Homemade mooncakes. One of the moms came and taught all the kids how to make the dough and wrap it all us. It was so much fun. My son informed us that it was the best he has ever had.

This is our view tonight as Mid-Autumn Festival is being celebrated all around us. My little TCKs are in bed now and I’m enjoying the quiet, but I wanted to wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival this year!



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