When our TCKs Hurt – a plea for prayer

Parenting has its up and downs. We want to pull out our hair one minute and wrap our arms around the little tornado.

They come into our lives as a precious bundle of drool, that we just Ooh and Aah about to anyone that is willing to listen. They grow and we are amazed at their first giggle, their first roll over, their first…you get the picture.

Then only a few years later, we stand with tissue in hand as they enter their classroom for the first time, wondering where did time go, wishing we could rewind just a few years as each passing day seems to speed up.

We get caught up in the mundane of the schedule – our life. When BAM! Life does a flip-flop-double somersault in the pit of our stomach. Our precious bundle is admitted into the hospital.

My stomach has been in knots this week. It’s not my own child, but my friend’s son.

Benjy was admitted just over a week ago and has spent the last four days in ICU. After several rounds of testing they have a diagnosis: Wilson’s Disease. But, right now his liver is not functioning. They have cleaned out his plasma three times now. The next few days are criticalhis liver must start working on its own or a transplant is needed.

His mother is the only suitable donor.

My heart has really ached for this family. So, that is why I am asking – no pleading – that you take one minute out of your day to pray for Benjy.

Will you? 

I did an interview with his parents last spring. If you would like to get to know the family better, you can click here.

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2 thoughts on “When our TCKs Hurt – a plea for prayer

    • Thanks so much! He didn’t need a transplant this weekend at all. He is doing much better everyday. Thought you’d like to hear that awesome news!

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