Colored Eggs, Painted Eggs…Happy Easter!

Today was Easter, but we have been celebrating for the past few weeks. We started with the season of Lent. As a family we didn’t “give up” something for the holiday, but we did something to help the kids anticipate the coming day of Easter. I put marbles in a jar, one for each day until Easter. Every morning the kids would take turns to pull out the marble. This was a great way for the girls to see how much longer it was until Easter.

On Good Friday we colored eggs and painted eggs. There is a difference. One is that coloring eggs is my childhood tradition and painting eggs is my husband’s. Coloring eggs is dying boiled eggs.

The kids still like to do this every year. Jie Jie liked seeing her fingers turn blue, so the project wasn’t messy-free, but loads of fun.

We shared some of our eggs with our neighbors and the kids hunted for the rest this morning before church. Fortunately, they found them all.

Painted eggs are eggs that have had the yolk and egg white “blown” out, and then cleaned. I attach a string to the egg and the kids then paint them with acrylic paints.

After they dry we hang them up on our Easter Tree.

Our Easter Tree is usually a palm looking plant, but a few weeks ago it died. Yep, I couldn’t believe it, so we had to use a substitute this year. I’ll be buying a palm like plant next year, as this just wasn’t the best.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family wherever you are!

Your Turn: What are some of your traditions that you do with your family during Easter? Please share in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Colored Eggs, Painted Eggs…Happy Easter!

  1. Check out my FB page for what has, apparently, become a new tradition in my weird family – FROG RACING! Who knew? Thought it was all about bunnies and eggs, didn’t ya?

    • Becky, that is one unique tradition! If I was holding a contest, I think you would win hands down! Thanks for taking the time to read and write on the blog.

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