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This title maybe a little misleading. I’m not talking about not having the ability to differentiate between colors, but rather not seeing the color of people. To look at people from various parts of the world and not be focused on skin color.

I’ve noticed this with my children and their friends. Just a few weeks ago at church is a fun example. As you know Mei Mei is my Asian beauty. Her good friend is a blond beauty. They were helping her mother watch two young girls, one adopted from Asia.

Mei Mei’s friend suggested that they each take one to play with. She looked at the mother and said, “I’ll play with B because we are alike and she (pointing to Mei Mei) will play with A(the adopted one) because they are alike.”

My friend cocked her head and out of curiosity asked why she thought they were alike. She was wondering if it was because the similarity of skin color. Her daughter replied, “Oh, because A is quiet like her (pointing to Mei Mei) and B likes to run around and talk like me.” Mei Mei stood there shaking her head in agreement.

As my friend recounted the story to me, we both giggled and hoped that they both would always have this colorblindness towards people. That they would see the person, their heart, their personality way before the color of their skin.

Have you experienced this sort of colorblindness with your children? Share your story below.

5 thoughts on “Colorblind TCKs

  1. Great post, MaDonna. I miss being an ethnically diverse environment a lot. I’m actually excited BY skin color differences when I see them in our community. 🙂 I think a lot of this color blindness is due to the age of the child. I notice my kids have become more aware of their physical- appearance differences as they’ve gotten older, but they still don’t “judge” based on physical appearance, which I think is awesome. I hope that continues throughout their lives!

    • Good point, Amy. I did wonder if the age of the child had something to do with this. My oldest is a boy, so he doesn’t notice things so much, yet. We’ll see how this all changes with my youngest. I do hope that they continue to not “judge” based on physical appearance, as well though. Thanks for “stopping” by and leaving a message. I’ve been out of the blog loop for a month or two and slowing revving up to start it all again.

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