Why do I blog?

BLOG IDEASWhy do I blog? Why does anyone blog, really? I’m sure for some it is a place they can put their thoughts down. I know for others it is a place to practice the art of putting words into a format to better their craft. For me? Well, it is a mixture really. I am amazed I have people who subscribe to read this blog. I really am. I mean there are many who blog these days – and they blog about anything and everything. If you think you have an odd hobby, I’m sure there is someone out there blogging about it – if not then they’re on Pinterest, for sure.

I was humbled again a few months ago when Jo Parfitt asked me to write a guest post for Summertime Publishing about why I blog. A real publisher asking me to write an article. For this reason, it took me awhile to put into words an article to submit. If you are interested in why I blog, then you can head here to read more about it.

Thank you for following me, for leaving a comment.

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