Changes in America…European Championship

Yes, it is the big week for my guys…The European Championship and Germany is our top pick, of course.

For the past month my husband has been on edge. He’s been watching to see which group Germany was in, which teams they would play first, the dates of the games, and more important which channel would be airing the games. This past week, our lives have been scheduled around the games.

This summer has been different then years past when we’ve been in the US for major soccer tournaments. The last time we were in the US and wanted to watch soccer championships –I can’t remember if it was the World Cup or the Euro Championship- it was difficult. Not because my parents didn’t have cable. Not because my family refused him this one desire. No, it was all due to the fact that soccer was not a popular enough sport for stations to broadcast the games. As he flipped through station after station ~don’t get me started on the culture shock of American cable and trying to figure out what to watch. It is almost worst than the cereal aisle, no joke ~ he finally came across a Mexican station. He doesn’t speak Spanish, but who cared, he had a channel showing his game. So, you can imagine the excitement when he found out that ESPN was broadcasting live games.

The other difference…our son has joined in the excitement. They were both wearing their uniforms and cheers could be heard as Gomez scored twice for the win Wednesday. And today? My mother has even joined in the fun. Although she is now sleeping in her chair, but isn’t that what you are suppose to do on a Sunday afternoon? I’m fighting the urge to take a nap, but the score is too close and I can understand the commentating.

Some changes in the US can be hard to swallow, but not this one. This has been a sweet change for my entire family.

Your Turn: Are you watching the Euro Championship? What team are you rooting for? 

10 thoughts on “Changes in America…European Championship

  1. I am pulling foir England. My wife is Brasilian so I root for Brasil. Germany looked good. Portugal played well in their win over the Dutch. Ronaldo finally showed up when it counts.

    • Thanks for stopping by! According to my husband, the Germans had better up their game this week if they want to stay in it. He just about had a fit during the game yesterday. It will be interesting to see who makes it to the championship.

  2. Don’t get me started! EVERYBODY is watching Euro in Poland. Too bad it didn’t help our team – and we are out of the game. There are some BIG surprises this year, but Poland ending so soon is not one of them. I can’t decide for whom to cheer – our western neighbours or our southern ones…

    • I bet they are watching. Uwe told me that he remembers a time when he was in Germany a train stopping to watch the game. Soccer, or should I say football, is definitely a cultural experience in Europe, as well as in other countries. 😉
      And you know who we think you should be cheering for…
      Hope you are having a great time with family!

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  4. Go DEUTSCHLAND! My life, too, revolves around the Euro Cup games and I’m sad to know that it’s almost coming to an end. I recently wrote an entry ( on why I look forward to either the World Cup or Euro Cup games, and what it means to me as a German-Japanese. I think you’ll find my topic interesting 🙂

    Germany plays Italy in the semi-finals this Thursday. Italy beat Germany in the World Cup 8 years ago, so this is like a “rematch” game in many ways. *Fingers crossed* for a German victory!

    • Loved your post! For our fam is Germany in soccer – and maybe the US when they are not playing Germany. The guys do keep up with the US basketball and was all over the playoffs last week.
      Thanks for the info on the history of this upcoming game. You know SO much more than I do. Uwe isn’t here to tell me this info. It should be a real exciting game!

      • Are you as sad as I am? I think I shed a tear while watching it at work yesterday. I think they played terribly yesterday – it’s unfortunate how they tend to choke up during semi-finals/finals games. Better luck next time, in 2 years!

      • I was sad and frustrated at the same time. My stomach was in knots watching them choke. They just couldn’t get it together. I was so happy they scored one goal at the end, actually it was more like relief. 2:1 looks so much better than 2:0. *deep sigh*
        Look out world in 2 years.

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