Book Review: “Home Keeps Moving” by Heidi Sand-Hart

by Heidi Sand-Hart

Summary: Heidi shares her life as a TCK/MK from India moving from country to country from continent to continent, and from culture to culture. She shares the joys, the excitement, and the hard ugly truth of the pain from her experiences. She uses many quotes from other TCK related books and then shares stories as examples. Some stories are her own, others are from fellow TCKs who have written about their own experiences. She discusses issues such as loss, grief, education, and “rootlessness”.

My thoughts: Loved it! I checked it out from the library and had a hard time not writing in it – so I am ordering my own copy soon. It’s not a “how to” book that gives tricks and secrets to making a TCK’s life work out perfect. Instead, Heidi gives the reader a glimpse of her journey in life. It gave me some insights to not only my children, but to my husband as well. She tackles some pretty tough subjects and I like that she doesn’t give a recipe on how to approach the difficult times. She reminded me that each TCK is different, so therefore the process for each is going to be different as well.

If you are a TCK and haven’t read this, I encourage you to check it out. It just might give you the courage to continue to seek out some unresolved issues in your life.

If you are a parent to a TCK – I recommend it just to be able to hear views from a TCK who is open and honest. You just might be get a few insights of your own.

You can get the book here at Amazon. Or if you want possible free shipping click here at Book Despository.

Your Turn: Have you read the book? What were your thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: “Home Keeps Moving” by Heidi Sand-Hart

    • Hi, sorry I didn’t write it out as well. TCK stands for Third Culture Kid. It is a group that has spent a significant amount of time outside their passport country. You can read more about them at, or you can google it and get more information from other sources as well.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I´ve read the book. I found it an easy book to read. It tackles the challenges of kids growing up in other cultures (third culture kids). I grew up as a TCK in Africa. I was not able to read the book without tears, I could really identify with Heidi her stories. I agree it really gives an insight into what kind of life TCKs live.
    I like the beginning: you might be a TCK if
    – You can´t answer the question `Where are you from`
    – You speak 2 languages but can´t spell either.
    – You speak with authority on the subject of airline travel.
    Greetings Janneke

    • Thanks for responding! I was hoping a TCK would respond and give their thoughts on the book. I actually had it on my “To Be Read” list after I read a review by you! Thanks for guiding me to a good book.

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