Looking at the New Year

New Year’s Eve at Taipei 101

Growing up I was always into making New Year’s Resolutions. I vowed to diet, to exercise, drink water more, read more, etc. It was always pathetic and never lasted more than a month at the most. By February I was back settled into my old ways.

Then I got older and ditched the whole idea completely. I just lived from one year to then next with no plans or goals of better living. Well, I still thought about better living, but it just wasn’t a “New Year’s Resolution” type of a thought.

Then last year I came across something called, My One Word. Basically, you choose one word that you want your life to focus on that year. I really liked the idea because it wasn’t too specific that I’d fail, yet it was something that at least I could improve or challenge myself with for a year.

2011  was “Security”. With all the challenges and changes the we have gone through last year, it was a perfect word for me.  As a Christian, I was challenged throughout the year on where my security was. It was a good year of personal growth.

2012 is going to be “Intentional”. This word has been popping up in various things that I’ve been reading and in conversations that I’ve been in. I believe it is fitting as I want to be intentional in my health, intentional in parenting, and intentional in marriage…basically intentional living. I’m excited to see what this year will bring as I focus on being more intentional in the things that I do.

Your turn: Do you set New Year’s resolutions or goals? Do you stick to them? Have you thought about choosing one word for the year? What is your one word? Please comment below.

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