Vacation Time!

Tent outside its natural habitat

photo by flicker

Fall Break is just around the corner and that means a one week break for the kids from school. I have had vacation on the brain the past few days. We are planning to go camping during that time. Yes, tent, campfire, bikes, and the beach. This is becoming a family Fall Break tradition. That is, if you can call two times a tradition.

I’m a bit more excited to go on this trip because this summer was a busy time for us with moving to a new apartment. We didn’t go anywhere for a summer holiday. Instead, we took a staycation. We decided that we should get to know our community better before the kids started school. So, we went to the local swimming pool and played in our park. That was our summer, but for a few days we pulled out the tent and set it up in the living room. We went “camping” and barbecued on the balcony with hotdogs and s’mores! Kids had a blast and so did we.

So what about you? Are you a newbie in town and can’t speak the language? Are you an “old timer”, but finances are just a bit stretched this month? Or are you just too tired to pack up everything, again, and go away? Maybe a staycation is what you and your family needs.

  • Become a tourist for the week, go see the sites and take pictures.
  • Put a tent up in your living room (or just throw some sheets over chairs for the kids to sleep under)!
  • Take walks around your neighborhood.
  • Eat at restaurants that you’ve never tried before.
Have you ever taken a “staycation” before? What did you do? What are you doing for your fall break (if you get one!). 

3 thoughts on “Vacation Time!

  1. A good thing about a “staycation” is it saves money! Never heard of the word “staycation”, is it home made?
    We have tried it. Went to different museums, drank coffee in the park, went for walks in a local forest, made a trip to the airport (just for fun!). The only thing is that my husband is really good at it but I get restless. I want action…you know that’s the problem with us adult third culture kids, (A)TCKs. Something needs to happen and I find just relaxing at home difficult. Still finding a way to handle it. Writing my blog helps and cycling helps too. Do you have any other tips?

    • Only a ATCK would take a vacation to the airport, just for fun! Awesome! I’ll have to remember that one…my family would LOVE that idea.
      I can’t think of anything else. My husband struggles with the same thing…restlessness. I have found that if we don’t go anywhere, that we do have to plan each day out on the calendar. We usually do one fun thing a day for a couple of days, then give him a “work” day, where he can go to a coffee shop or “office” to catch up on work.
      I wish I could take the credit for this homemade word, but I can’t. I’ve heard it around the blogosphere .

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