TCK Checklist, Plus Some Resources

list by Cathdewlist, a photo by Cathdew on Flickr.

This post today is just to let you know of a great website and resource.  Last post I responded to Libby Stephens‘ article on TCKs. She really is one of the top experts on TCKs, so if you have TCK questions go to her website. She travels a fair amount to speak at schools and communities all over the world. If she is in your city and offering a seminar. GO!

This week she posted about characteristics of a young TCK. Go here to read what she posted about this topic. You’ll learn something I’m sure!

She also has a whole page full of resources. I use this page quite a bit and am so thankful that she has put it together! Makes it easier to research and get answers to questions I have.

2 thoughts on “TCK Checklist, Plus Some Resources

  1. I agree with you that Libby Stephens’ website is really worth a visit. I read that she has more than 25 years of experience in working with TCKs. I am glad that we have the internet and have people with lots of experience who make the information available for us all over the globe.

    Have you read her post Grandparenting overseas? I would really recommend that one. All expats or parents living far away from family should read it!

    On my blog I have some interesting information, would welcome anyone that is interested.

    • You’ve mentioned that blog post to me before and I couldn’t find it. Thanks so much for sending me the link. I was planning on writing something on these lines someday, but may or may not now. I’ll read hers and see if I have any other ideas to tag on, then link up with her post. Thanks again!

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